Future of Work: Why work from home when you can work from anywhere?

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Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, the way we think about work is changing. Globally, there is a renewed emphasis on telecommuting and remote work. In the age of innovation, teleconferencing technology has advanced to the point where we are able to thrive with a remote team and a hot desk office space. As a topic of the future of work, we often envision remote work as an idealist scenario where you can achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Realistically, remote work is a conversation that needs to be explored in-depth, practiced over time and embraced by each individual of an organisation.

As we work together to create a shared company culture, sense of community, connection and mission that reflects our core values, maximising in our collective team benefits has become a major priority for the AFA team. Our modern workforce is increasingly mobile, collaborative and dynamic, and comprises of multi-talented individuals, all with differing communication preferences.

Flexible working schedules means successfully managing personal priorities, while meeting client expectations within evolving business environments. By creating space for the different obligations within our daily routines, whether for family or personal commitments, our priority is to strengthen our ability to reach our potential as a cohesive unit. It’s not creating a new normal but cultivating a better normal that works for every individual who is a part of the team. We continue to work across multiple industries and face unique challenges when it comes to staying connected while on the clock. Our professionals tend to devote less time to typical office routines and more to project delivery, while ensuring boundaries between work and home life have been set.

Our team can easily plug-in from just anywhere they are. In a recent survey conducted by global research company Gartner, with 317 CFO’s and business finance leaders, found that 74% of finance companies plan to move their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions [1]. It is more than likely that the global pandemic has contributed to how leaders think about work, and many companies have successfully adapted to this new norm. However, at AFA, our view has always been to develop unique working environments that work best for every individual on our team.

In our view, what’s unfolding in the workplace is an evolution that will make for both a happier and more productive workforce who are in control yet remain connected. A new generation of leaders are transforming how businesses create new practices to shape collective behaviours and diverse teams, who have the freedom to live and perform at their best, and are thankful for it.


[1] “The future of remote work after COVID-19: 3 common predictions” https://www.ekoapp.com/blog/the-future-of-remote-work-after-covid-19-3-common-predictions


Authors: Sabir Adam and Anthula Papageorge