Your Journey to becoming a CA(SA)

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The journey to becoming a CA(SA) is often one that requires high levels of dedication and commitment. For accountants who have their sights set on becoming a CA(SA), the key skills to nurture are a capacity to communicate effectively and have the drive to take an initiative. Taking opportunities as they arise is another valuable lesson.

As a CA(SA) you will have a wealth of career options available to you, which can understandably be very intimidating. CAs are in high demand in every industry, because every business needs a finance function that goes beyond basic bookkeeping. If you’re interested in joining the AFA SAICA training programme, expected to launch in June 2020, here are significant tips we have compiled from our expert team to assist you throughout your journey.

Question and challenge.

Don’t simply accept an answer because it’s been done that way before. With AFA, we encourage innovative ways of thinking.

Everything is a learning opportunity.

Always seek to understand and see everything as a learning opportunity. You will never stop learning on this journey.

Build a network.

Who have you met that may benefit your future?

Use your resources.

You will have access various senior executives, ask them about their own journey, their challenges, what made them successful. Having a different perspective of how to overcome challenges is often rewarding.

Strive to make a difference.

Every task, try and improve the process and leave it better than when you started.

Accept the challenge.

The bigger the challenge, the more complicated the problem, the better learning and experience you will gain.

Build a personal professional brand.

It’s important to distinguish who you want to be and how you want that to stand out.

In a team that comprises of more than 140 qualified Charted Accountants internationally, we at AFA, nurture these skills in our employees. We encourage collaboration, we foster ambition and drive innovation and remain committed to creating a sustainable and valuable impact. As a CA(SA) at AFA, you have the opportunity to learn, to grow and scale new heights. Nobody said it was easy, but it’s worth it.

Authors: Sabir Adam